Class Descriptions

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: Just what it sounds like. Are you new to tap dance, or has it been a LONG time? Join us for our absolute beginner classes and learn the basics to get you started.

ADVANCED BEGINNER classes are designed for students of any age with 1-4 years of tap experience and who are ready to grow their tap skills in a supportive professional environment.

INTERMEDIATE classes are designed for students of any age with 4-8 years of experience dancing. These classes are geared toward dancers who wish to take their training to the next level, adding complex rhythms, dynamics and improvisation.

ADVANCED classes are geared toward seasoned tap dancers, professionals, and teachers who have significant tap experience. Sessions may include technique, choreography and improvisation. 

IMPROV:  Improvisational tap dance has is a technique to it just like any dance form.  Learn tools and ideas to make coming up with steps on the spot easier, and gain insight about from true improvisational artists. (And then come showcase your skills at the Cutting Board on Sunday evening!)

WORKING WITH MUSICIANS: Live music and tap dance go together like spaghetti and meatballs- fine apart, better together.  This class will walk you through the ins and outs of communicating with musicians as a tap dancer (led by tap masters and musicians), and then give you a chance to work first hand with our Twin Cities Tap Festival musicians!

55+   / MOVEMENT WISE:  While we value the inter-generational dynamic of having all ages of dancers in our classes, we know that sometimes you need a class tailored just to you. This class is a mixed level class specifically tailored to those sassy and sharp senior dancers age 55 and older.

TEACHERS: These teachers-only classes are geared toward those who are teaching tap. Learn pedagogy, technique and more from some seasoned experts!

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