Master classes


Kaleena Miller, Co-Director

Brenna Brelie, Co-Director


President, Matt Schroepfer, The Fair

Vice-President, Ellen Keane, Keane Sense of Rhythm

Secretary, Galen Higgins

Treasurer, Laura Steinmetz

Brenna Lafferty-Campbell

Kathy Gaalaas

Tim Rosen

Sara Freeland

Annabelle Hamilton

The Twin Cities Tap Festival brings together national artists and tap dancers of all ages from around the country to share and learn about rhythm, music, and the art of tap dance. 

Click here for photos and more from TCTF18, courtesy of Nick Schroepfer. Or click here to view TCTF17 photos and videos!

A hub for dance arts in general, the Twin Cities Tap Festival shines a spotlight on Minnesota’s tap community and brings attention to the wealth of tap talent that thrives here. We aim to foster learning, inspiration, creativity, and innovation in Minnesota’s tap community and provide a venue to showcase local tap companies, dancers and choreographers.

Tap dancers, teachers, choreographers and dance appreciators of all ages and abilities, participate in classes, workshops and performances all centered around enhancing technique, expanding creativity, and experiencing the ever-evolving American art of tap dance.                             

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The Twin Cities Tap is a registered nonprofit in the state of Minnesota. Twin Cities Tap has been organized and operated to qualify as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you’re interested in giving your time and talents as a member of our Board of Directors, we’re always interested in hearing from you. Please submit an application online or contact us for more information.