Meet our 2018 Faculty Artists!


A stellar line-up!

- Brenda Bufalino, the matriarch of tap!
- Dianne Walker, they don't call her "Lady Di" for no reason
- Sam Weber, legendary virtuoso!
- Nicholas Van Young, Dorrance Dance partner, and rhythm master
- Jason Janas, New Jersey phenom from NCYTE and Tapestry roots
- Starinah "Star" Dixon, Chicago Femme Fatale of M.A.D.D. Rhythms
- Galen Higgins, "the kid" from Rhythmic Circus and Kaleena Miller Dance
- Andy Ausland, one 1/2 of Buckets & Tap Shoes
- Ellen Keane, the co-founder of Keane Sense of Rhythm...ask her about Tappy Hour!